Family Variety Fruit and Veggie Box

Family Variety Fruit and Veggie Box

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Choose 1 box, as a trial or ad-hoc order. Or select 4 deliveries to join our auto-renew scheme getting 10% off the cost of each box, with future automatic renewals paid by Direct Debit.

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Our popular family sized box is good for a family of 3 to 5 persons.

We select and box up 12 different products each week: 6 veggies and 6 fruits. Depending on the time of year we will include as much local and British produce as we can. Anything a bit unusual will be listed on the box and may even include a cooking suggestion.

If you enjoy your 1st box we can set things up on a repeating order. Payment is by direct debit from a UK bank account and can be set-up for every week, every 4 weeks or monthly on a set date (like pay day). The default is that you pre-pay for 4 deliveries every 4 weeks. If you choose to pay on a certain day each month (like pay day) then depending on the number of delivery days in the month, the direct debit may be for 5 weekly deliveries occasionally.

We give you a 10% loyalty discount if you agree to order for 4 weeks at a time and this automatically comes off your direct debit payment each time.