2 Weekly Box

2 Weekly Box

from 19.00

Is weekly delivery is too often, or do you have a fruit and veg mountain building up, then this is for you.

As with all our boxes the contents will change every 2 weeks as well as with the growing seasons.

We fill the box with sufficient family portions of 10 fresh seasonal veggies, plus a couple of portions of fruit to mix it up a bit. Late spring to autumn the fruits will be replaced with a punnet of freshly picked local berries. This box is for 4 deliveries usually over 8 weeks. (We have an option to allow you to pay every 4 weeks for 2 deliveries)

As with all boxes you can cancel any time after your order ends, and can skip any fortnightly delivery/s for maybe holidays, working away etc. We give a £3 loyalty discount for the 4 deliveries (£1.50 for the 2 deliveries)

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