Just the Basics

Just the Basics

from 12.50

The Staples which are ALWAYS included:

  • Carrots - Local & earthy carrots . Clean during summer months. Plus Onions - Regular, shallots or red onions.

  • Tomatoes - Normal, plum, cherry vine, Scottish when available.

  • Potatoes - Cyprus, Cornish, Ayrshires, Pipers, Roosters etc.

  • Farm Eggs - 6 freshly laid local free-range eggs.

3 other veggies are added which vary each week for variety. Again nothing "fancy"!

FRUIT BAG ADD-ON OPTION: Simply a bag filled with 4 regular fruits like apples, satsumas, pears and bananas. (£1.40 off normal price). Alternatively you can ask us to replace the fruit with 2 punnets of local berries freshly picked April to November. Cost £12.50 weekly, £17.50 with the fruit. And remember, free delivery to your home normally.

If taken for a 4 week repeating order with payments made by direct debit on renewal, then it’s discounted to £48.00 for the Basic Veggies Box (Saving £2), or £66 (saving £4) with the Fruit Bag (or berries) added each of the 4 weeks.

Term / With Fruit Bag Option:
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