Large Variety Mix with FREE Berries (4 Boxes)

Large Variety Mix with FREE Berries (4 Boxes)


This box will be delivered to you 4 times.

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This weekly home delivered box comprises of:

5 regular veggies, 5 regular summer fruits, 1 salad item weekly, 6 local farm eggs and a (free) punnet of local strawberries (normal punnet size) freshly picked in Blairgowrie (Blueberries in winter).

Like our other boxes, the contents will change each week as well as with the spring/summer/autumn seasons, ensuring no-one gets bored with the "same old" each week.

The box is only available to order for a period of 4 home deliveries and payment by ordering here using the payment options at checkout. Thereafter payment will be by Direct Debit on renewal.

The free BERRIES are given as a loyalty bonus for ordering with us. Total equivalent cost per week, £20.50 = £82 for the 4 weeks delivery to your home. You can skip any weeks by giving us 5 days warning.